Other licences

Information and advice

Details on other licences available from the council, including how to apply, amend or cancel a licence, permit or registration.

Auction premises registration and notification

You will need to register a premises if you want to sell goods by competitive bidding

Cooling Tower registration 

All cooling towers and evaporative condensers are legally required to be registered with us

Environmental permit

Dry cleaners, furniture manufactures, petrol stations and spray painting facilities need to apply for an environmental permits

Filming permit

You will need a licence to film in the London Borough of Brent

Fireworks and explosives licence

To sell or store fireworks in Brent you must register with us

Health certificate (food exporting)

A health certificate is a document required to export some foods into certain countries.

Leaflet distribution

To distribute free literature in some roads, car parks and recreation grounds, you need the council's permission

Scrap metal dealer

Any person carrying out business as a scrap metal dealer in Brent will need to to get a licence from us

Special treatment licence

If you want to provide massage and beauty treatments at a premises you must have a licence.

Weighbridge operator 

It’s illegal to operate a chargeable weighbridge without a certificate of competence

Licence fees

An A-Z of fees for permits, registrations and licences