Parenting support services

Parenting programmes and workshops

Our parenting programmes are designed to provide you with information, guidance and support throughout your child's early years, childhood and teenage years.

Cygnet Programme

Cygnet is a parenting support programme for parents and shared carers and family of children and young people with an autistic spectrum condition


This is a course for women who are or have experienced domestic abuse by their partners

Family Transitions Programme

Support programme for parents who have been or are going through separation and divorce


HENRY provides a range of innovative and evidence-based family support services


This course is suitable for parents who would like guidance and support in managing their child's day-to-day behaviour.

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC)

This course teaches child development, discipline techniques, children's social skills and more

Stepping Stones

This course if for parents who is interested in learning a variety of parenting skills that will promote their child’s development and potential.

Triple P Group

This course helps parents understand and support their child's play

Parenting workshops

Courses for parents who have concerns about their child's behaviour or wish to learn specific parenting skills