Visitor vouchers

Buy and use vouchers

Visitor vouchers are available to residents who live within a controlled parking zone and allow residents to book parking for their visitors in a resident parking bay within the zone that the resident lives in. Find out if you are in a controlled parking zone

Visitor vouchers are electronic and can be purchased once a parking account has been set up.  A minimum of 5 can be purchased at a time.  Visitor vouchers are non refundable.

Residents can use visitor vouchers to book parking for their visitor’s by providing the visitor’s vehicle registration number, date and start time (when using 2 hour and 4 hour vouchers).

This can be completed online from a parking account, by text message or by telephone using the automated visitor voucher telephone service.

When booking parking online from a parking account, the resident can select a start date and a start time (when using 2 hour and 4 hour vouchers).

When booking by text message or by telephone using the automated visitor voucher telephone service, the parking session will start at the time of booking i.e. straightaway.

Details of the booking parking session are stored electronically, and made available to parking enforcement officers on the handheld devices they use.

Nothing needs to be displayed on the visitor’s vehicle. 

Buy vouchers now

Go to your online parking account to buy visitor vouchers


How to book parking for your visitor using the vouchers


Go to your online parking account to book

Book by using a text message

Text your visitor's vehicle registration mark to 80010 using the following message format:

  • VISIT BRENT AB12CDE 1d – for booking an all day parking session
  • VISIT BRENT AB12CDE 4h – for booking a 4 hour parking session
  • VISIT BRENT AB12CDE 2h – for booking a 2 hour parking session.

(AB12CDE represents your visitor's vehicle registration mark). There must be no spaces when entering the vehicle registration mark.

Text messages are charged at standard rate.

Please note you can only book visitor parking by text on the day that parking is required. Parking sessions will start at the time of booking i.e. straightaway.

Book by phone using the automated system

Use the automated telephone service if ALL of the following apply. You are:

  • booking visitor parking for the same day that you are calling
  • you want the parking session to start straightaway
  • the vehicle has previously been booked for visitor parking.

To do this your mobile phone must be registered on your account, and set up as your User ID. Your User ID is what you use to log in to your online parking account.

Call 020 8290 8300 and press option 2 for visitor parking followed by option 1 for the automated service that will take you through the booking process.

The service is available 24 hours a day. If the visitor parking is for a day in the future (or a start time later today if you wish to book a 2 hour or 4 hour parking session) or the vehicle has not previously been booked for visitor parking, the system will present you with the option to talk to a call centre operator, during opening hours.

Be ready to give the operator:

  • answers to account security questions that you may be asked
  • your visitor’s vehicle registration number
  • the date (and start time for 2 hour and 4 hour vouchers) that you need visitor parking.

The call centre service is only available 9am to 5pm, weekdays except bank holidays

Once visitor parking is booked

You will be given a voucher reference. There is nothing to display on the vehicle.

Once a visitor parking session has been booked it cannot be cancelled.

Civil enforcement officers will have immediate access to this information on their hand held devices.


Elderly/disabled/carers information

The majority of older or disabled people have access to a land-line phone and are able to use this to arrange parking for visitors.

In the case of customers that are not able to do this, the following options are in place.

Visitor household permit

A visitor household permit is like an annual 'season ticket' for visitors. It may be purchased on behalf of a very vulnerable person, and they will receive a paper permit that may be displayed in any visitors vehicle.

Trusted virtual visitor pass

Up to two trusted persons that visit a very vulnerable person on a regular basis, such as a son or daughter, can with the consent of the vulnerable person have their mobile phone associated with the vulnerable persons address. This allows the trusted person to use that mobile phone to arrange their own electronic visitor pass when they visit. This arrangement may be set-up over the phone.

What about carers?

In addition to all the options open to the general public, there are two additional options for carers.

Health emergency badge

Medical professionals that make home visits are eligible for a health emergency badge.

Essential user permits

People that care for more than one household are eligible to obtain annual essential user permits. This would include carers, clerics of any religion, physiotherapists, chiropodists and therapists.