Special collection service


You can have up to three free collections per financial year (1 April to 31 March) per household with up to five separate items collected each time.

Due to high demand, the current waiting time for a special collection is up to 8 weeks. Please see below for alternative disposal methods for your items, should you not wish to wait. 

We are currently making changes to the way that we provide our bulky waste service.  More information can be found here.

A list of the items that we will collect are detailed below. If the item/s you want collected are not on the list below, you may need to make alternative arrangements for their disposal. You can take the items to the Reuse and Recycling Centre, Abbey Road, NW10 7JT. If you have furniture or electrical items for collection, you can contact a charity to see if they can collect your item for free. You can also use Freegle or Freecycle to see if someone else would like to re-use your items.

What we collect

We will collect furniture and items that can be safely carried on a trolley, or safely by two people (up to around 40kg in weight). 

Collections take place Monday to Friday. We will let you know your collection date when you request a collection.

  • Armchair - a chair that is generally part of a suite and is bulky. If you have more than 1 chair, please log each chair as one item.
  • Bed – single or double bed base - If you have a headboard or footboard, please select ‘bed’ twice as these are separate items. If you also have a mattress please select 'mattress' in the drop down list separately. A sofa bed should be logged under ‘Sofa’.
  • Bookcase – includes shelves
  • Cabinet Mirror – please wrap in a secure manner
  • Carpet - Please roll into a size no longer than five feet in length by one foot in diameter. Five rolls are equivalent to one item. 25 rolls can be booked in one collection. This category can also be used for linoleum and linoleum or carpet tiles. Wooden flooring, stones and ceramic tiles cannot be collected through this service.
  • Chair – can be wooden, dining, garden chair or child’s high chair or car seat. Can also include items such as a beanbag. If the item is an armchair, please select that option instead. Each chair counts as one item
  • Cooker
  • Desk – the item must be small enough to be carried by no more than two people
  • Dishwasher
  • Fishtank – please wrap any glass in a safe and secure manner
  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Hi-Fi System – can include speakers as part of one item. DJ/Auditorium sized speakers must be booked as a separate item under Hi Fi system. A DVD player/entertainment system and projectors can also be logged under this category.
  • Lampstand – includes reading lamps and floor lamps
  • Mattress – single / double mattress please cover if it is raining to prevent it being too heavy for our crews to lift
  • Metal frame bed – the frame must be booked separately to a mattress. A sofa-bed should be logged under ‘Sofa’
  • Metal filing cabinet – Includes any metal filing cabinet less than 40kg in weight and metal fire guards
  • Metal Fire – such as electric fires/electric radiators. Please also use this category for an electric blanket
  • Metal Furniture e.g. chairs and or shelves
  • Microwave
  • Non-metal bed frame - the frame must be booked separately to a mattress. A sofa-bed should be logged under ‘Sofa’
  • Non-metal filing cabinet – You can also book a collection for a chest of drawers in this category
  • PC Monitor – please use this category for all IT related items; including laptops, PCs and screens
  • Radio – Digital or analogue. Can also include car stereos
  • Small glass table – please ensure that the glass is securely fixed or wrapped carefully if broken
  • Sofa –one sofa is one item; either a two or three seater. It also includes sofa beds. For collection of large ‘Arabic-style’ or L shaped sofas which contain many components; please select ‘sofa’ as a category for each separate sofa part.
  • Spin dryer
  • Table – Please ensure the item is small enough to be carried by a maximum of two people. Any glass must be securely fixed or wrapped if it broken. This category can be used for garden tables as well.
  • TV
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Wall mirror – please wrap in a secure manner
  • Wardrobe – please dismantle the wardrobe and store all parts together for ease of collection. Free standing wardrobes only. Fitted wardrobes are classed as DIY waste and cannot be collected using the free service.
  • Washing machine

What we can't collect

We will not collect pianos, fixtures and fittings (from house and grounds refurbishment), soil, rubble, clinical and hazardous waste.

You can dispose of those items using these services.

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Where to leave items

Where to leave items

Items must be left outside of the property but within the property boundary such as the front garden, but not on the footpath or public highway. We do not collect from back gardens. Items should be visible from the road. 

Any items left on the public highway will be considered fly tipping, which could lead to legal action.

The items must be accessible by our crews. This means the collection vehicle must be able to park on your road and not be blocked by other vehicles.

The entrances to your property must not be blocked. If access is blocked the items will not be collected.

How to present your items

We ask that when you present your items for collection you do so neatly so it is easy for our crew to see each item that is on the list and move it easily. 

The majority of items presented are done so correctly. However, if items are presented in a manner which does not allow each item to be clearly identified or moved easily, our crew reserve the right to not collect the items and you will be asked to rebook your collection. 

Incorrect presentation includes not bundling items like a dismantled table or carpet tiles together.

Collections - flats and North Circular

Collections from Flats

If you live in a block of flats, please advise us where you will be leaving your item for collection. We cannot collect the items directly from your flat.

Communal bin areas are generally the best place to leave your item, however please ensure that you do not block access to the bins or place your item out for collection too far in advance of your collection day.

Collections from properties on North Circular 

The North Circular is a red route, which means that our collection vehicle cannot stop and collect items from your front garden. We ask if you live on the North Circular to place your items for collection on the corner of the nearest side road to you, as close to 7am as possible on the day of collection.