A cleaner, greener Brent

We want to create a cleaner, greener, safer Brent. That’s why we are reviewing how some of the most important local services are delivered. 

Services that have an impact on:

  • How your recycling and waste is collected and processed
  • How our roads and pavements are maintained
  • How we work to prevent anti-social behaviour and crime
  • How we improve local air quality and tackle the climate emergency
  • How businesses like pubs and casinos are licensed
  • How Brent’s parks are managed
  • How we keep our streets free of litter and illegal rubbish dumps
  • How illegal parking is enforced

This may mean thinking about issues differently and making the most of new technologies.

With fresh, bold ideas and by working together, we believe Brent’s local services can better meet the needs of residents, businesses, visitors, as well as our environment.

Further details and opportunities to engage with this programme will be announced in due course.