Support at home

Brent Council has recently appointed a number of new homecare providers to deliver care in the area you live. Read more about the changes to homecare.

What is support at home?

Sometimes when people get older or if they have a disability they might need help with everyday tasks so that they can continue living independently in their homes. The tasks might include getting in and out of bed, getting washed and dressed, preparing meals, and going to the toilet.

Getting support at home is called homecare and would involve a carer coming to support you at pre-arranged times.

Most of the providers appointed by Brent Council are already delivering services in Brent, but rather than work in many different areas of the borough, each provider will now have specific locations they will be focusing on.

To understand what kind of help you need, we will need to complete a needs assessment

Can I get support?

When considering if your needs make you eligible for care and support, we consider whether your needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness. This includes conditions such as physical, mental, sensory, learning or cognitive disabilities or illnesses, brain injuries and substance misuse.

Find out if you are eligible for support

If you are not eligible for social care services, you will be given information and guidance about services available in Brent which will be able to support you. This is available to everybody regardless of their level of need.

There are also various types of equipment to help you get on with everyday tasks.

About the assessment

The assessment will identify what element of home care will best suit your needs. The information we gather during it will help us create a care plan which is designed to meet your needs and help you to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Contact us directly for an initial assessment.

If you are leaving hospital you can find more information on people being discharged from hospital.

Do I need to pay for care at home?

Adult Social Care services are chargeable and you will have to undertake a financial assessment to determine the level of charge you will have to pay.

When carrying out the financial assessment we will look at your income, expenses, savings and investments to work out how much you can afford to contribute towards the cost of your support.

For more information you can contact Adult Social Services