How to complain about one of our services and what we will need from you.

Some issues are not dealt with by the complaints procedure but by a specific appeal process.

Making a complaint about social care and education

Adult and children's social care complaints are governed by their own procedures set out in national law.

Young people and complaints

Advice for young people if you have a complaint about your care service.

Complain about a councillor

Find out how to make a complaint about a councillor.

Claims against us

How to make a claim for compensation for any loss, damage, negligence, or hurt you believe is somehow our responsibility.

How will your complaint be dealt with?

We try to resolve the complaint at the first point of contact.

Complaining about a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket)

If you do not agree with a parking ticket you have been issued, you can make a penalty charge notice (PCN) appeal.