Dog mess and dead animals on the street

Dog mess

Dog mess is unhealthy, anti-social, unpleasant and can potentially transfer disease to humans via the Toxocara roundworm whose eggs live in dog mess.

If children come in contact with the eggs they can cause an upset stomach, sore throat, asthma and in rare cases, blindness. The eggs can stay alive in the soil for many years.

Reporting dog mess

If you see someone not cleaning up after their dog, please report it to us. All reports are dealt with in confidence.

Report dog mess

You can also use our Cleaner Brent app to report dog mess.

Paying a dog mess penalty

It is an offence not to clean up after your dog has fouled. You could be given a fixed penalty notice of £75 if you do not clear up after your dog.

Pay for a dog fouling penalty



Dead domestic animals

We will come and scan dead domestic animals for identification and remove if on the street, however if the animal is on private property, it will be the occupiers responsibility to dispose of the animal if an owner can not be located.

Dead foxes/wildlife on private land is also the responsibility of the owner/occupier. It is advisable to either bury the animal in the garden or double bagging and leaving with your household waste.

Please use our Cleaner Brent app, fill in our online form or call us on 020 8937 5050 to report a dead animal.