Dog mess and dead animals

Dog mess

Dog mess is unhealthy, anti-social, unpleasant and can potentially transfer disease to humans via the Toxocara roundworm whose eggs live in dog mess.

If children come in contact with the eggs they can cause an upset stomach, sore throat, asthma and in rare cases, blindness. The eggs can stay alive in the soil for many years.

Reporting dog mess

If you see someone not cleaning up after their dog on the public highway, please report it to us. All reports are dealt with in confidence.

Report dog mess

Dead animal

Before you report a dead animal

If the dead animal is on private property, please place the animal within a bag and bring the bag to the front of your property.

Report a dead animal

Report a dead animal

You can also use the Love Clean Streets app to report dog mess and dead animals.

What happens next

We will arrange removal.

If a animal is reported dead on a public road, we will scan the animal for identification and where applicable, we will notify the owner and arrange for the animal to be removed from the street.

We aim to remove all dead animals within 24 hours of the report.