Graffiti and fly-posting

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Use our Cleaner Brent app or this form to tell us about any graffiti or flyposting you have seen.

Report graffiti and fly-posting

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Report the criminal act of spraying graffiti

If you witness anyone spraying graffiti you should call the Police immediately on 999.

If you want to report a graffiti crime that has already happened and the offender has left the crime scene or if you have any information regarding graffiti crimes please report this free of charge to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. You can call anonymously.

Report graffiti for us to remove

We are responsible for removing graffiti in public areas such as our parks and open spaces and graffiti on road signs, lamp posts, and other street furniture.

If the graffiti is on private property then we contact the owner as they have the responsibility to remove it.

You can report graffiti for us to remove by using the Cleaner Brent app.

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Fly-posting is illegal advertising in public places without our consent.

We are responsible for items attached to trees, bridges, lamp posts, road signs and other street furniture.

If private property is involved (for example phone boxes or empty shops) then we make the owner aware of the fly-posting and it is the owner who has the responsibility to remove it.

It is illegal both to fly-post and to benefit from advertising through fly-posting and will pursue and take action against fly-posters as we have powers to prosecute both the people putting up the material and the businesses being advertised.

Did you know you can report fly-posting to be removed by using our Cleaner Brent app?

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