Illegal rubbish dumping

Report illegal rubbish dumping 

The quickest way to report illegal rubbish dumping and other street problems to us is by downloading the Love Clean Streets app and setting ‘Cleaner Brent’ as your home authority.  

Alternatively, use our online form.

Report illegal rubbish dumping

Please try to give us as much information as possible such as:

  • A picture showing the type and amount of waste
  • Registration number (number plate) of vehicle
  • Time of incident
  • Location and description of waste
  • Description of people dumping the waste

Please do not approach anyone who you witness illegally dumping rubbish.

If you have footage either from your phone or CCTV please forward to including as much information as possible.

We will:

  • Arrange for it to be removed if it's on public land
  • Trace the origin of the waste to identify who dumped it

Next steps

If you experience any difficulty in reporting illegal rubbish dumping, please contact us online.

You may receive an email advising that your report has been closed, but the rubbish is still there. This normally means that the waste you reported is on private land.

This waste will not be cleared automatically by our contractor. Instead, the details will be passed to our environmental enforcement team to investigate. It is the responsibility of the land owner to clear waste in these instances. 

Information about illegal rubbish dumping in Brent

What illegal rubbish dumping is

Illegal rubbish dumping (fly-tipping) is rubbish that is dumped on private or public land without a licence. Illegal rubbish dumps can range from a few black bags of household waste placed next to a tree or litter bin, to larger items such as fridges, mattresses, builders' rubble and tyres.

Please note, rubbish from building, construction or refurbishment projects, where builders are on site and the site is actively being worked on, does not automatically qualify as dumped waste.

How to report illegally dumped rubbish

The easiest way to make a report is to download the Cleaner Brent App to your phone and report using this. It recognises your exact location and you can add a photo. You can also make an online report using the form on this page or call us on 020 8937 5050. 

What happens after you report a flytip/dumped rubbish

We will arrange for it to be removed if it is on public land (land owned by the council) and search for any information that would allow us to trace the origin of the waste to identify who dumped it.  Legal action will be taken when the offender is identified. This process can take a few months from start to completion.

Updates on the information provided about a flytip

If you have reported the matter directly to us, we will have provided you with a reference number which begins with ‘WD’. If you would like an update, you can contact us with this reference number. It can take up to two months to take action where evidence has been found and whilst we can provide you with a general update, please be aware that certain information is restricted due to data protection and rules of evidence.

Public vs Private land

Public Land - Rubbish left by the roadside or on pavements is likely to be on council-owned land, also known as the public highway. If you report an illegal rubbish dump on a public highway (including our parks and our cemeteries), we will make sure that it is removed.

Private Land - Waste that is left on private land will not be cleared automatically by our contractor. Driveways, some alleyways, service roads behind shops, land near to garages, and the area surrounding a blocks of flats can all be classed as private land.

Instead, the details will be passed to our enforcement team to investigate. It is the responsibility of the landowner to clear waste. This can mean that the waste is visible for longer than if the dumped rubbish is on council-owned land.

In certain circumstances we may be able to issue a Community Protection Notices (CPN) to a private landowner if the rubbish dumping problem is persistent and considered to be having a detrimental effect on the area. The CPN will ask the landowner to clear the rubbish from their land within 28 days and under certain circumstances request for the landowner to make arrangements to prevent rubbish from being dumped again. If the landowner fails to comply, they can be fined £100 or prosecuted.

The example photos depict situations where we are and are not able to take action against a private landowner. Please note that every case is different and will be considered on its own merit.

Example where we would be unable to issue a CPN


Example where we may be able to issue a CPN

What can be done to prevent people from dumping on your street

We are constantly looking at best practice initiatives to see what works to prevent people from dumping. Sometimes if it is a carrier bag of waste; talking to local residents about how to correctly dispose of their waste can stop the issue from re-occurring. However we also have signs that we can place upon lampposts to act as a deterrent and we also carry out programmes of education, carry out visits to locations, conduct surveillance activities and search all waste dumped to find evidence that may lead to a fine or prosecution if the offender can be identified.

Stopping people from dumping rubbish

People dump rubbish for many reasons. We carry out education with residents in areas where dumping occurs, however many times the people who dump rubbish at certain locations do not live in the borough, making them more difficult to catch. This is a national issue, but we are working to make Brent a borough which does not tolerate dumping of waste.

CCTV to catch illegal rubbish dumpers

Due to financial and logistical constraints, permanent CCTV cannot be installed in most circumstances. We do, however, conduct surveillance activities across the borough to try to catch those responsible for dumping rubbish on our streets.

Searching a flytip for evidence

Our street sweepers and crews search around 50 flytips a month for evidence of who is responsible.

Fines for illegally dumping rubbish

It is an arrestable offence with a £75,000 (individual) and £95,000 (business) maximum fine or five years imprisonment and any vehicles used in offences can be seized by the council.  In a year we can issue around 300 FPN’s and can take other actions which include formal warnings and seeking the recovery of clean- up costs.

Sharing photos of flytips on social media

Please do not post evidence (including addresses and pictures) on social media. If evidence is posted online it cannot be used in any court cases. If you report illegal rubbish dumping and also continue to post evidence online you will also run the risk of further reports being rejected. It is much better to send any evidence to us online.

Why a reported flytip may still be there

It is likely that the waste is on private land, which is land not owned by the council.  In the case of private land, it is the responsibility of the land owner to remove the rubbish from their own land and put measures in place to try and prevent it happening again.  We will still pursue the offender if there is significant evidence to do so.

Fly tips collected in Brent annually

In a year we can collect around 13,000 fly tips.  Whilst this may seem like a high number, a fly tip can range from a few black bags placed around a tree to a large deposit of DIY or building material. In addition we also receive more information about fly tips from members of the public because of the introduction of the Cleaner Brent App.

How to find out whether anyone has been prosecuted for dumping rubbish

Details of all prosecutions that we take can be found on our prosecution register

How to dispose of large items such as sofas, mattresses and tables

Brent residents can either book a special collection of bulky items by visiting or by calling us on 020 8937 5050. Our bulky waste service costs £35 for collection of up to 5 items. You can also take items to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Abbey Road, London NW10 7TJ. A charge may apply for some items.

Please check our website before visiting.

Waste disposal for businesses

View our information about how to dispose of your trade waste. We also recommend visiting if you are a small business. If you have any questions as a business about what you should be doing with your waste, view further information on commercial waste and recycling.

Disposal of mattresses and white goods for landlords

As a landlord, bulky items that come from a property you rent are classed as trade waste.  You will need to search for a legal waste carrier, with a waste carrier licence to take away your items. You can find companies at the Environment Agency website. Our bulky waste service is only available to residents.