Our street cleaning programme

 When cleaning the streets we work with our contractors to:  

  • ensure that Zone One roads (generally town centres) are cleaned between 7am and 10pm every day
  • ensure that the cleanliness of our streets never drops below a grade B standard (see below about grading standards for litter on highways)
  • remove dead animals from the public highway
  • empty litter bins when they are 75 per cent full
  • make sure that all our refuse and recycling contractors leave the street clean and tidy after emptying your bins and boxes
  • clean gullies (roadside gutters and drains)
  • make sure that streets and roads are kept clean, tidy and free from graffiti
  • clean all street furniture (including signs, benches and bollards) at least twice a year.

Leaf clearance

Our crews will be working in areas of the borough with the most trees and heaviest leaf fall from Monday 29 October onwards to clear the pavements of leaves. 

"Brent’s annual leafing plan has been running successfully for many years and its main aim is to collect leaves from the public highway for recycling - rather than sending to costly landfill - over recent years tonnage has increased from 80 tonnes to 200 tonnes.

This 10 week plan  with two dedicated teams runs from October.

The leafing team prioritises those streets with the heaviest leaf fall which are mainly in the South of the Borough with extensive London Plane trees. This means that the team(s) must be kept to the schedule on the designated streets and cannot be pulled off for normal street cleansing. If they are pulled off, it will leave them behind on the whole schedule.

These dedicated teams are not a street cleansing resource to remove small amounts of leaves across the borough but must rightly focus on where we can remove the most leaves for recycling.

There are certain streets in the South where a sweeper can remove all of the leaves on a 50m stretch, turn around, and continuous leaf fall has completely covered the street again. Just because a leafing team has been on a street does not mean that the street will be free of leaves due to continual leaf fall. This will continue until the leafing season is over".

Emergency clean up

Spillages on the highway are highly dangerous and can cause serious road traffic accidents and they are expensive to clean up.

If you see an incident of a spillage on the highway such as oil, gravel, dropped cargo or sand on the road, please contact us immediately.

Report your street for cleaning

Use our Cleaner Brent app or call 020 8937 5050

Grading structure for street cleanliness

  • Grade A: no litter or refuse    

Grade A no litter

  • Grade B: predominately free of litter and refuse, except for a few small items.   

Grade B litter

  • Grade C: widespread distribution of litter and refuse, with some items spread across the road

Grade C litter

  • Grade D: heavily littered, with significant piles built up

Grade D - heavy litter

Three intermediate grades will also be used.  These are:

  • B+ between Grade A and Grade B
  • B-  between Grade B and Grade C
  • C- between Grade C and Grade D

Service changes to street cleansing

Following sustained budget cuts from central government , the council has had to take the difficult step of finding £20 million in savings over the next two years.

From 1st April 2019 it has been agreed that 106 litter bins will be removed across the borough and additional litter pick services on residential roads will cease. These changes, which were agreed following a consultation with residents, will save £250,000.

Teams will continue to sweep residential streets as normal and we encourage residents to report excess litter on the Cleaner Brent app

If you or your resident’s group would like to organise a litter pick in your area, the council can provide litter pickers, gloves and bags.

For more information, please contact: Mark.Obrien@Brent.gov.uk


Please note that cigarette ends and dog fouling is also litter.