Is your premises in a Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ)?

The Cumulative Impact Policy applies only to Off-Licences. Where an application for a new off-licence or for variations to off-licences is received (which would increase the sale of alcohol, including through longer hours), the presumption is that the application will be refused unless the applicant can satisfactorily evidence that their application or variation will not negatively impact on the licensing objectives.

The Licensing Sub Committee will determine the application at all times.

The CIZ applies to the following areas:

Wembley Central (from Waverley Ave junction of Harrow Road up to the junction of Napier Road)
• High Road
• Lancelot Road
• Harrow Road
• Empire Way
• St John’s Avenue
• Park Lane
• London Road
• Central Square

Ealing Road (Junction of High Road, Wembley to the junction of Bridgewater Road)
• Atlip Road
• Mount Pleasant Road up to the junction of Orchard Close
• Montrose crescent
• Union Road
• Coronet Parade

Neasden Town Centre
• Neasden Lane
• Neasden Lane North
• Blackbird Hill
• Birse Crescent

Kilburn (Junction of Temple Road to the junction of Cambridge Avenue)
• Kilburn High Road
• Glengall Road
• Willesden Lane
• Cambridge Avenue
• Priory Park Road

• Craven Park Road
• Craven Park
• Nicoll Road
• High Street
• Park Parade
• Manor Park Road

Willesden (Junction of Church Road up to the junction of Walm Lane and Willesden Lane)
• High Road
• Chapter Road
• Dudden Hill Lane
• Walm Lane
• Station Parade
• Willesden Lane

Sudbury Town (the junction of Sudbury Roundabout (adjacent to District Road) up to the junction of Chestnut Avenue, along Watford Road up to the junction of Homefield Avenue)
• Harrow Road
• Watford Road
• District Road

East Lane (Junction of Watford Road to the junction of Preston Road)
• East Lane
• Sudbury Avenue

Kingsbury (from Kingsbury Roundabout (including small stretch of Fryent Way) to the junction with Church Lane)
• Kingsbury Road
• Edgware Road
• Church Lane
• Hay Lane
• Kenton Road
• Berkeley Road

• Queensbury Station Parade